My sister texted my dad yesterday asking to go to the mall and he said “i guess so” but today he took it back so she printed the text and this was the result


#Ferguson — BREAKING NEWS 

Mike Brown’s autopsy shows he was shot 3 times in the head. Once in the middle of his forehead.

(Download the full report here)



attention shoppers, will the owner of the blue monster truck parked outside please report to the front. that thing is fucking sick and the manager wants to shake your hand

"Nothing requires so fine a sense of timing and stage presence and sensitivity as being a good comedian. A good comic can almost always do a serious role, but this isn’t so in reverse. Only a few straight dramatic actors would make sparkling comedians." -Danny Kaye 

Happy Birthday Bob Odenkirk: October 22, 1962

slow duck tales



tokayy and i met jimmy eat world!!!!!!!!!



*investigates conspiracy theories in a children’s cartoon instead of doing homework*


losing your friend in hot topicimage



goodnight moon. goodnight Milky Way. goodnight Ursa Major (UMa I dSph). goodnight 24IC 1613 (UGC 662.350[8].

goodnight nerd